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blue Cinema Account

Create an account

Under registration, an account can be created. Personal details such as title, first name, surname, date of birth, mobile number and e-mail address must be entered correctly. Activation of the customer account will only take place after the e-mail address has been confirmed. The confirmation link is valid for 7 days. The account will automatically be deleted again if the registration is not completed.


Change personal information

Personal details may be changed after login at My Account - Personal Information.


Change password

The password can be changed under My Account - Change Password.


Forgot password

Specifying the registered e-mail address under Login - Forgot Password will send you an e-mail to reset the password.


Add a payment method

For security reasons, a credit card / PostFinance Card can only be deposited in the account during a transaction. An adjustment or removal of the deposited payment method can then be carried out under My Account - Payment Method.
Please note that for security reasons we only accept credit cards issued by Swiss companies. Other cards will not be accepted, meaning that no purchase can be completed. Tickets can also be purchased at the blue Cinema box office or with a PostFinance Card.


Purchased tickets

Under My Account - Your Tickets all valid cinema tickets are available. They can be forwarded by Send Tickets to different recipients as a PDF or assigned to the Wallet / Passbook.
On the smartphone, the tickets are ready for the access. The [email protected] PDF must be printed out via the desktop and presented at the checkpoint.


Ticket purchase failed

If the correct e-mail address has been saved and the order confirmation has not been sent by e-mail, the ticket purchase price will not be debited or it will be credited back to the account. A new booking must be made. 
If a ticket purchase cannot be completed, the filed payment information must be checked and if necessary adapted.
If you have questions, please contact [email protected].



Under My Account - Settings - Newsletter the newsletter subscription can be activated or deactivated. In addition, newsletter preferences such as movie genres and cinema cities can be defined.



The favorites show which movies and people (actors, directors) were chosen as favorites on the respective movie page (heart icon selected).
The marked movies, actors, etc. are saved under My Account - My Favorites.


Cancel Tickets

Purchased tickets cannot be canceled.


Delete account

To delete your account from blue Cinema, please navigate to My Account > Settings > Delete Account.
The balance on a blue Cinema account should have been used up completely before deletion.