General Terms and Conditions (GTC) of blue Entertainment Ltd for the blue Cinema division

These GTC apply in relation to the blue Cinema Club (hereafter referred to as "blue Cinema Club") offered by blue Entertainment Ltd (hereafter referred to as "blue Cinema") and the usage of the online services provided by blue Cinema for the division “blue Cinema”.

1. Usage of online services
The following provisions apply to the usage of blue Cinema online services (e.g., blue Cinema customer account [hereafter referred to as the "Customer Account"] or the blue Cinema app) by Cinema Club participants and customers (hereafter referred to as "Users").

1.1 Customer Account and customer data
When using blue Cinema online services, the User must provide correct data. All information must be true and accurate. The usage of invented names or pseudonyms is prohibited. In the event that false information is provided, blue Cinema reserves the right to cancel the Customer Account. In the event of any changes to the information provided (e.g. the surname, email address and telephone number), the relevant details must be updated promptly. The User shall take the necessary security precautions in order to ensure that his/her password remains secret and to prevent any use by unauthorized persons or misuse of his/her Customer Account. If a Customer Account has remained inactive for an extended period of time it may be deactivated by blue Cinema. 

1.2 Online purchases
The User offers to conclude a contract as soon as he/she submits an electronic order for an online ticket or online gift card. The return or exchange of tickets or online gift cards purchased online is generally not possible. All online services used shall be imputed to the applicable User. With regard to [email protected] tickets and online gift cards purchased and printed out at home as well as for mobile tickets the User must ensure that they are protected against misuse (e.g. copying, alteration or printing by unauthorized persons). Tickets purchased online and online gift cards may not be used for commercial purposes. [email protected] tickets and online gift cards must be stored in such a manner that all information contained on the ticket or gift card, including in particular the bar code, remains visible. [email protected] tickets and mobile tickets must be presented for entrance to the screening in the same manner as traditional tickets.

2. blue Cinema Club 
The former Carte Bleue has been replaced by blue Cinema Club. Existing Carte Bleue subscriptions including any related credit will be automatically carried over to the blue Cinema Club. The physical Carte Bleue shall be replaced by a digital club subscription. It is incorporated into the Customer Account and the blue cinema app and associated with the wallet. Subscription to the blue Cinema Club establishes the right to purchase discounted movie tickets and food and beverage products at reduced prices as well as to participate in the Priority Points system. The offers and benefits associated with the blue Cinema Club may be redeemed at all blue Cinema movie theaters, through the blue Cinema app and at 
A blue Cinema Club subscription can be obtained at and through the blue Cinema app at the price communicated online. It will be automatically added to the existing or a newly created Customer Account. It becomes active immediately after the purchase has been concluded. The residual duration of the subscription can be confirmed at the cinema box office at any blue Cinema movie theater or online in the Customer Account. The minimum duration of the subscription is one year and may be extended by the blue Cinema Club participant each year by one further year at the price communicated online. If the subscription is not extended, it will no longer be possible to benefit from reduced prices/discounts and the Priority Points system. 

2.1 Reduced prices/discounts
Reduced prices/discounts are available for all regular screenings and blue Cinema Events and are conditional upon an active subscription. A maximum of ten tickets at reduced prices may be purchased per screening. A per ticket surcharge applies for special screenings as well as for seats with additional features. The discount for food and beverage products cannot be combined with other special offers, discounts or coupons and does not apply to pre-defined product combos.

2.2 Reservations
Reservations made using the blue Cinema Club remain valid until 20 minutes before the start of the screening and may be collected at any blue Cinema movie theater upon presentation of the blue Cinema Club subscription and the booking number. An active blue Cinema Club subscription is required for a reservation. Online reservations may at any time be transformed into a ticket purchase in the Customer Account.

2.3 Credit
The credit top-up function was removed when the blue Cinema Club was launched. When purchases are made, any remaining credit (including on the physical Carte Bleue) shall be used automatically as the preferred means of payment until it has been used up. Any residual differences may be paid for thereafter using any accepted means of payment. The available credit may be checked at any blue Cinema and in the Customer Account. The credit or the annual fee cannot be reimbursed or paid out in cash.

2.4 Priority Points
Participation in the Priority Points system requires registration for the Priority Club in the Customer Account. Priority Points may only be collected by purchasing tickets (except the ticket packages reserved for Cinema Club participants) made using an active subscription. One Priority Point is awarded for every six tickets purchased. An available Priority Point can be recovered in any blue Cinema movie theater and exchanged for a free portion of popcorn, a soft drink or an ice cream. The number of available Priority Points may be checked at any time at any blue Cinema movie theater box office or in the Customer Account.

2.5 Additional provisions
The blue Cinema Club subscription is not transferable. It may only be used by the owner of the Customer Account with which the subscription has been associated. Any form of misuse shall entitle blue Cinema to cancel the blue Cinema Club subscription and to block the Customer Account. blue Cinema does not incur any liability towards the holder or any third party in the event of misuse of the physical Carte Bleue or the blue Cinema Club subscription. When purchasing tickets, the applicable minimum age limits for the respective movie must be observed. If they are not complied with, the ticket(s) will be cancelled and the price of the ticket(s) will be reimbursed in the form of a gift card.
3. Data protection
The processing of personal data in connection with the blue Cinema Club and the online services offered by blue Cinema is done in accordance with the then-current Data Privacy Statement for the blue Cinema division of blue Entertainment Ltd. The current Data Privacy Statement may be consulted here.

4. Miscellaneous
blue Cinema reserves the right to amend these GTC at any time as well as to make changes to or cancel the blue Cinema Club. The current applicable version of the GTC shall be published at and the blue Cinema app. Notice of amendments to the GTC shall be given in an appropriate manner to blue Cinema Club participants and the holders of Customer Accounts.

blue Entertainment Ltd, March 2021