Dolby Atmos


Surround sound has, until now, surrounded the audience from the front and rear. With the introduction of the Dolby Atmos audio format the sound in Cinedome 2 in Muri & Cinedome 1 in Biel, also comes from above, transporting you into a sound world you have never experienced before. To create this sound, over 40 power amplifiers provide a capacity of about 70,000 watts!

The audio format, in theory, allows for an unlimited number of audio tracks. These are supplied to the cinemas in a way that ensures optimal and dynamic distribution of the signals to the loudspeakers. The new system can send an individual signal to each speaker. This makes it possible to install many more front, surround and ceiling speakers. This means that a sound source can be precisely placed in the auditorium, making it possible to realistically simulate the sound of rain or helicopters, for example.

You can find our Dolby Atmos movies in the program of the theaters Cinedome in Muri and Cinedome in Biel.