Put your team in the spotlight and shoot your own James Bond movie on an unforgettable day!

With the script provided, your employees are transformed into directors, screenwriters, secret agents and Bond girls. Whether in front of or behind the camera – there's a suitable role for everyone.

The exclusive Bond shoot can be realised with anywhere from 5 to 500 people, in groups of 5 to 20 people. For the recordings, which take approximately three hours, your location of choice will be transformed into a film set. A large selection of costumes and props give the project that special touch and provide a creative and entertaining atmosphere.

Once the shoot has been completed, you can enjoy something to eat. During this time the film crew will cut the material, i.e. finish the film.

And the winner is... –  Together with your team you can enjoy the final piece on a big screen at the crowning première (half an hour to an hour) in a blue Cinema theatre of your choice. The appropriate animation, sound effects and moderation will be provided. 

You can look forward to an experience that will strengthen team spirit and inspire you, while letting you discover the amazing hidden talents of your employees.

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