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Cinema appeals to the senses and touches people’s hearts – creating something that other conventional and digital media cannot. Cinema generates large-scale communal experiences and helps guests build networks in the real world as well as via digital channels. Cinema was always, and still is, the most emotional, most experiential medium for brand advertising.

Weischer.Cinema markets all blue Cinema theatres as well as online advertising and below-the-line advertising, such as on popcorn bags and ticket ads.

And if you want to book cinema ads online for a specific city, you can - here.

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URIMAT connect

Coupled with an ambient digital media channel that forms part of a highly innovative, engaging and practical washroom solution. URIMAT offers high-resolution LCD-screens with animated messages that hit home within your target group. A modern and audience-specific medium that allows you or your customers to address your target group in the most effective way. The URIMAT media partners will be pleased to advise you.


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